Blood of Requited Love Summary
Manuel Puig

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Blood of Requited Love Summary

Unlike some in Puig's other works, none of the characters in Blood of Requited Love is especially mysterious or profound. In Blood of Requited Love the mystery for the reader lies in the question of if and when the protagonists, Josemar in particular, will ever tell the truth. And, although the contradictory details of the text contribute to the elusiveness of the story, the details of the lives of the principals are simple and routine, conforming, as they do, to the broad outlines of normalcy in a small provincial town. Lovers meet in the town square, go to dances together, see each other at soccer games, and after church. They take long walks in the country, listen to birds, and admire the stars. They go to school, make out behind shade trees, and fantasize about the future.

The town proves too small to contain Josemar's ambitions...

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