Blood and Honor Summary
W. E. B. Griffin

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Blood and Honor Summary

The themes of this book are embodied in its title, which represents both the bloodshed of war and also the strong ties of blood, or family loyalty. Cletus Frade, the protagonist, finds that he can neither rescind his Argentine roots nor dismiss his American upbringing. Honor is embodied in this context; often, blood ties generate the responsibility of defending the honor of one's family. Loyalty—to family, to nation, to extended community, to political faction, to friends—is the major manifestation of the characters (particularly Cletus's) concern with blood and honor. Cletus and Peter-Hans both find themselves caught in a dilemma—if Peter-Hans is too overt in his loyalty to his father, a German general, his father and family will surely be killed by the Gestapo. If he furthers the plans of his SS overseer, however, he will be neglecting the loyalty he bears to...

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