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Black Holes Black holes are objects for which the gravitational attraction is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape from it. They exist in the universe in large numbers. Albert Einstein&#... Read more
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Black Holes The modern theoretical prediction of black holes came as a spectacular consequence of German-American physicist Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity. Einstein's theory predicted ... Read more
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Black Hole Black holes are among the strangest and most mysterious objects in the cosmos. Simply put, a black hole is the remains of a massive star that has burned out its nuclear fuel and collapsed i... Read more
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Black Holes A black hole (the term was coined by John Archibald Wheeler in 1967) is a closed surface through which gravity prevents light from propagating. Insofar as relativity prohibits anything fro... Read more
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The concept of black holes consistently grips the human imagination. Many strange and frightening creatures and objects have been invented in mythology and fiction, and modern scientists have revealed... Read more