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Thomas Harris

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Black Sunday Summary

Black Sunday presents a classic goodversus-evil battle in which the lines between them, while blurred, are still recognizable. While Lander and Ayad may occasionally command our sympathy, the act they contemplate is a heinous murder of thousands of innocents, and the novel's protagonists, Major David Kabakov and Sgt. Robert Moshevsky of the Mossad (the Israeli secret service) and Sam Corley of the FBI, engage our interest throughout.

Within the confines of the battle, however, Harris suggests the complexity of the issue of terrorism. Kabakov kills and tortures in order to try to save lives, while Ayad and many other Arabs depicted in the book have never known anything other than deprivation, hardship, and warfare. Their only hope of regaining their homeland is violence committed in secret, since they cannot defeat the Israelis in open combat. Harris places us in the strange position of rooting for both pursued and...

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