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From an Expanding Universe to the Big Bang Overview How did physical nature on the cosmic scale begin? What are the dimensions of the universe? These remain the two most persistent and expansive scien... Read more
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Big Bang Theory Big bang theory describes the origin of the knowable universe and the development of the laws of physics and chemistry some 15 billion years ago. During the 1940s Russian-born American... Read more
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Big Bang The big bang is the cosmic event that is theorized to have marked the origin of the universe. At that instant all matter and energy in the entire physical universe, and the four dimensions of... Read more
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Standard Model of Cosmology The standard model of cosmology is the big bang theory. It refers to the event, between 8 and 15 billion years ago, in which the universe was born in a cataclysmic explosio... Read more
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Big Bang Theory Before the twentieth century, astronomers could only assume that the universe had existed forever without change, or that it was created in its present condition by divine action at so... Read more
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Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory is the prevailing theory of the origin of the universe, and it is based on astronomical observations. According to this theory, about 15 billion years ago all the m... Read more