Beyond the Mango Tree Summary
Amy Bronwen Zemser

Everything you need to understand or teach Beyond the Mango Tree by Amy Bronwen Zemser.

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Beyond the Mango Tree Summary

Beyond the Mango Tree is a story narrated in first-person by twelve-year-old Sarina, an American girl from Boston who has moved to Liberia with her family. Sarina is trapped—emotionally and physically—in an unhappy home. Her father is most often away working in the bush, and her mother— severely ill with diabetes—is wildly fearful of losing her daughter. Sarina is never allowed outside the family's yard alone, and when her mother is having a bad day, she even ties Sarina to the mango tree in their front yard.

One day a local boy, Boima, cuts her free of the mango tree. In the following weeks, Sarina and Boima become fast friends, hiding in the mango tree, and sometimes stealing away to see a bit of the world outside Sarina's yard. Sarina cherishes their secret friendship until she learns that Boima has been...

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