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Belarusan Americans Overview The Republic of Belarus is a newly independent country which, prior to August 25, 1991, was known as the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. Since 1922 it had formed p... Read more
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Belarus Republic of Belarus Respublika Belarus CAPITAL: Minsk FLAG: Two horizontal bands of red (top) and green, with the red band twice as wide as the green. At the hoist is a vertical band showing a... Read more
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Belarus Belarus is bordered by Poland to the west, Ukraine to the south and southwest, Russia to the east, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north. It is landlocked and flat with many lakes, measuring a... Read more
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Belarus POPULATION 10,335,382BELARUSAN ORTHODOX 35 percentROMAN CATHOLIC 7 percentPROTESTANT 5 percentBYZANTINE RITE CATHOLIC 3.5 percentOTHER 2 percentNONRELIGIOUS 47.5 percent Country Overview ... Read more
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