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1,656 words, approx. 6 pages
Critical Essay by George Steiner [Literary] influences were not absent from Heidegger's early work. But it is only in the mid-1930s, under stress of public events and in the conviction that the... Read more
2,159 words, approx. 8 pages
Critical Essay by William V. Spanos Martin Heidegger's philosophical thought has been a guiding presence on the European continent for half a century, having influenced virtually every area of ... Read more
1,938 words, approx. 7 pages
Critical Essay by Sidney Hook The influence, direct and indirect, of ["Being and Time" ("Sein und Zeit")], not only in philosophy but literature and psychology, has reached... Read more
2,994 words, approx. 10 pages
Critical Essay by Frederic Will If literature can accurately be said to capture and embody knowledge, it follows that it embodies "truth" or objective reality. The capacity of poetry to ... Read more
810 words, approx. 3 pages
Critical Essay by Erich Heller Thinking about poetry is not the same as poetic thought, but such "thinking about" would certainly busy itself in a void if it cut itself loose entirely fr... Read more