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Behind the Lines Summary
W. E. B. Griffin

Everything you need to understand or teach Behind the Lines by W. E. B. Griffin.

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Behind the Lines Summary

Plot Summary

This book demonstrates the wry observation that "military literature is to literature as military music is to music." It proceeds with a great mechanical clattering and rumbling, like a Sherman tank plunging into battle. The author is adept at weaving an engaging narrative weighted down with the sort of procedural and descriptive detail that one might expect to find in the Marine Corps Field Manual. This deadening effect suffocates the kind of humor and irony, for example, that lifts the antiwar novel "Catch 22" to the status of absurdist masterpiece, or the lyricism that endows "A Soldier of the Great War" with the warm glow of profound humanism. Ultimately, the sensitive reader desires to know a great deal more about the characters and their motivations than the format of a military log book, which forms the structure of this novel can provide. However, for those readers fascinated with the...

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