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Behavioral Studies Develop Through Animal Observation and Experimentation Overview Early in the twentieth century, scientists became interested not only in discovering new organisms, but in understand... Read more
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Behaviorism Behaviorism is a highly influential academic branch of psychology that dominated the field between the two world wars. Behaviorism concerns itself with the use of strict experimental proce... Read more
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Behaviorism Behaviorism is the conceptual framework underlying the science of behavior. The science itself is often referred to as the experimental analysis of behavior or behavior analysis. Modern be... Read more
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Behaviorism Most generally, behaviorism is a viewpoint that takes psychological phenomena as physical activity rather than as belonging to a special domain of mental events. For a behaviorist, then, p... Read more
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Behaviorism A theory of human development initiated by American educational psychologist Edward Thorndike, and developed by American psychologists John Watson and B.F. Skinner. Behaviorism is a psycho... Read more
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Behaviorism Traditional notions of the mind have tended to treat mental states as "private" and "subjective," not accessible to the public and objective methods of science.... Read more