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Bearing the Cross Summary
David Garrow

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Bearing the Cross Summary

Plot Summary

Bearing the Cross is a Pulitzer Prize winning book about Martin Luther King Jr. and his participation in the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s . The author, David J. Garrow, is a well-respected educator and historian who does not just report on the facts of history, but has interviewed hundreds of King's friends and enemies in order to bring the readers a complete picture of the man, his struggle, and his legacy. Bearing the Cross is a recounting of history that is well worth a second look by every American.

Rosa Parks was a tired tailor's assistant on her way home from work when she unwittingly became a pawn of history. Mrs. Parks was asked to give her bus seat up so that a white passenger would not be forced to ride the bus seated across from her. Mrs. Parks refused. This refusal sparked a bus...

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