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In one of the most costly and disastrous campaigns of World War I, British, French, Australian, and New Zealand forces poured ashore the Gallipoli beachhead on April 25, 1915. The aim was to swiftly r... Read more
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Historians have argued ever since the Gallipoli campaign as to why it was not successful. I don't think that there is a definite answer to why it turned out as it did although there were certainly som... Read more
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During World War I, the Gallipoli Campaign was the Allies last resort in getting back into the war. In fact the top general in Britain Lord Kitchener stated that if we get hold of Constantinople, whic... Read more
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Not without irony, did the soldiers note that the most successful operation of the Gallipoli campaign was their withdrawal, conducted as it was with a shrewdness and care of planning otherwise lacking... Read more