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Barabbas Summary
Pär Lagerkvist

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Barabbas Summary

Plot Summary

The story opens with Barabbas at the edge of those who gathered to be with Jesus as he was crucified. Barabbas was himself condemned to die but because of the Passover, the people were allowed to set someone free. Given the choice between Barabbas and Jesus, the people allowed Barabbas to go free. He would later be called "Barabbas, the acquitted," and would be condemned by many of Jesus' followers. When Barabbas is unshackled and told to go, he somehow finds himself following the three men who are to be crucified up the hill to Golgotha. He knows one of the thieves being executed, but says that he doesn't look at that man, only at Jesus.

After Jesus is dead, Barabbas notes that he's taken away carefully and entombed. Barabbas then heads to Jerusalem where he meets the Hare-Lipped Woman, a witness to Jesus' resurrection who will later...

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