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Bamboo People Summary
Mitali Perkins

Everything you need to understand or teach Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins.

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Bamboo People Summary

Plot Summary

"Bamboo People" by Mitali Perkins is the story of two teenage boys who are on opposing sides of the unrest between the government of Burma and the tribal people in remote areas of the country. As the story opens, Chiko, a fifteen-year-old Burmese boy who lives in Yangon, Burma, with his mother, is sitting outside reading the newspaper. He is excited about an opportunity that he reads about. The government is holding interviews for teaching positions. He can read and write both Burmese and English, has tutored students, and was home-schooled by his physician father, Joon. He is sure that he is qualified for the role.

Just when Chiko is about to tell his mother, Wei-Lin, about the job openings, she scolds him for being outside and reading out in the open where a government agent or the police could see him. He hurries inside and hides the...

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