Babylon Boyz Summary
Jess Mowry

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Babylon Boyz Summary

A small group of boys—they call themselves "homeys" and deny that they are a gang—struggle to survive amid poverty, drug abuse, and the fear of deadly violence.

They try to live honest, moral lives, even while carrying guns and knives for protection. When the local crack dealer is chased by rogue cops and ditches his newly purchased bag of cocaine, the boys are placed in an intense moral dilemma. Taking the bag for themselves, they must decide whether to flush away the cocaine, thus eliminating some of the poison that contaminates their community, or to sell the cocaine and receive enough money for Dante's desperately needed heart operation and enough to send Pook to medical school. They must make their decision in a corrupt world that tempts them to their own destruction. Their moral compass is a vague belief in "Jah" combined with a...

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