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Aztec Summary
Gary Jennings

Everything you need to understand or teach Aztec by Gary Jennings.

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Aztec Summary

Plot Summary

Mixtli is brought in by the Catholic Bishop to talk about his life. There is an ongoing commentary by the Bishop while Mixtli's narrative is written down. Mixtli is born in the island city of Xaltocan. At age 7, his father brings him to the capital city of Tenochtitlan where he attracts the attention of the Cacao-colored man. Mixtli gets into an incestuous relationship with his sister Tzitzi, which has drastic consequences. He is able to go to the city of Texcoco and get a formal education. There he learns much about writing and the history of the Mexica. Mixtli is assigned by the ruler Nezahualpili, to his new wife Jadestone Doll. She pretends to be a virgin, but soon sends Mixtli to fetch her men. Mixtli finally tricks her in an elaborate plot, which also catches Pactli, son of the Governor of Xaltocan. Mixtli makes an enemy of...

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