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Athens was the sacred city of the goddess Athena. During the 5th century, under the statesman Pericles, many temples were being built in the Acropolis, as a new peak of culture and power was rising. ... Read more
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Athens and Sparta, despite their common Hellenic backgrounds, where very different. Sparta, was a war based society that placed the greatest emphasis on the ideas of strength and discipline. In sta... Read more
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In our study of ancient Greece, specifically the city-states of Athens and Sparta, we learned about the political, economic and cultural systems developed and used by the Greeks from approximately 700... Read more
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Athens and Sparta Sparta and Athens represent opposite poles of the social and political development of the Greek city-state. Between the two, there were similarities and differences. Each city-st... Read more
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Greece's mountainous terrain and islands separated Athens from Sparta because it made it very hard to travel. This separation caused them to develop differently, socially and politically. These differ... Read more