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Ancient Greece was divided into competing city states, called "polis". The poli played a central role in the development of political systems. The word "politic" reflects the importance of the Greek ... Read more
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The Athenian political system of the 4th century was somewhat democratic to certain extents in various aspects. The word democracy derived from the Latin words, `demos' which means people and `kratos'... Read more
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The Athenian Judicial System was created by Solon in 6th Century BC. Effectively, he created a democratic society where each person had a right to be tried fairly before being convicted. However, Solo... Read more
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As we have seen it, it was the Greeks who gave the Western world the growth of democracy. Greek democracy happened when Greece actually became a cosmopolitan culture. Their democracy was a direct de... Read more
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The Athenian political ideals were equality among citizens, liberty, and respect for the law and justice. They have had a great influence in the Western political thought and government. Athens was ... Read more
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Athenian democracy was very much different than any other government in history. This can be directly attributed to its dependence upon the people of Athens. This democracy included strong points ... Read more