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Ashes of Roses Summary
Mary Jane Auch

Everything you need to understand or teach Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch.

  • Ashes of Roses Summary & Study Guide

Ashes of Roses Summary

Plot Summary

"Ashes of Roses" by Mary Jane Auch tells the tale of an Irish immigrant family that comes to New York with hopes of finding their fortune. Michael Nolan, his wife Margaret, and their four children - Margaret Rose, Maureen, Bridget and Joseph - travel from Limerick to America aboard a ship filled with immigrants. Margaret Rose, the main character, details the trip, comparing their two weeks in steerage to being sardines in a can. It is February and Margaret Rose claims that she has forgotten what the sun looks like. Unable to sleep, Margaret Rose sneaks out of the bunk she shares with Bridget and goes up on deck. The only person there in the gray dawn is the same man that is always up on deck. He points out the Narrows to Margaret Rose and tells her that New York Harbor is right on the other side...

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