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Artwork Astronautics owes much of its existence to the arts. On the one hand, literary works by authors such as Jules Verne (1828-1905) were directly responsible for inspiring the founders of modern s... Read more
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Art It would be difficult to exaggerate the impact of computers on the study and production of art. Not since the invention of photography has the art world been so radically transformed by a new tech... Read more
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Art and Religion ART AND RELIGION is a discrete field of multidisciplinary study that attends to the creative interplay between image and meaning making as religious activities. More general usage of ... Read more
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Art and Society There is no consensus as to what art is nor, until the 1970s, had sociologists expended much energy on its study or on the development of a sociology of the arts. While in Europe art h... Read more
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Art, Style and Genre In Style and genre are two distinct but related ways in which artworks can be grouped together in the interests of understanding and appreciation. Neither mode of classification i... Read more
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Art, Definitions Of A range of related topics are gathered together under the title "The Definition of Art." These include: (1) metaphysical questions, such as "Is there a set of ... Read more
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Art, Formalism In The term formalism refers to a number of theses and programs in the philosophy of art and art criticism, all of which assign a priority to the formal elements of works of art. The do... Read more
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Art, Interpretation Of The concept of interpretation is key to our commerce with artworks. For if something is an artwork, then it falls into the category of things that are at least eligible for an i... Read more
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Art, Performance In Some philosophers hold that the creation of art always involves performance, and that artworks are more accurately defined as processes or actions than as objects or events. This e... Read more
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Art, Representation In Pictures form a subset of the artifacts that serve to represent particular things or kinds of thing, real or imagined, in a broad inclusive sense of the term represent. Like som... Read more
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Art, Truth In The question of artistic truth first arises with the ancients. In his Republic, Plato argues that fine art and poetry cannot impart truths because they do not give humankind access to th... Read more
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Visual Arts, Theory of The There are competing views on what qualifies photographs, paintings, sculpture, and architecture as visual arts. This entry focuses on theories of vision and their implicatio... Read more