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Essays & Analysis (5)

2,516 words, approx. 9 pages
In the following excerpt, Morgan differentiates the social activism of 1930s poetry with the poetry of the 1940s, which he perceives as more inclined to reflect current events than attempting to shape... Read more
6,428 words, approx. 22 pages
In the following excerpt, Raine discusses the work of Vernon Watkins, finding similarities in themes and styles with the works of William Blake and William Butler Yeats. I first heard of Vernon Watkin... Read more
11,361 words, approx. 38 pages
In the following excerpt, Raine discusses the life and work of David Gascoyne, contending that Gascoyne is a master poet who has achieved absolute imaginative truth in his work. “Genius, Poet: ... Read more
6,097 words, approx. 21 pages
In the following excerpt, Fodaski examines George Barker's literary output, theorizing that much of his poetry inspired the Apocalyptic Poets. George Barker's poetry discloses a fundamen... Read more
8,467 words, approx. 29 pages
In the following excerpt, Salmon discusses the London literary milieu of the Apocalyptic Poets. The Literary Scene “The New Apocalypse was a well organized movement of the continental type,... Read more