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Animal Rights The opinions regarding animals and their rights greatly vary. To some, animals have no rights and are merely a form of property that exists only to fulfill human needs. To others, they a... Read more
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Animal Testing In order to more completely understand biology, researchers sometimes conduct experiments on animals. Animal experimentation has a lengthy and productive history in biological research,... Read more
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Animal Rights Recent concern about the way humans treat animals has spawned a powerful social and political movement driven by the conviction that humans and certain animals are similar in morally s... Read more
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Animal Experimentation The use of animals in medical and other research has been a staple of modern scientific progress. In the early twenty-first century, biomedical research in the United States inv... Read more
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Animal Rights It is only recently, and in response to their perceived mistreatment by humans, especially in processes of industrial agricultural production and scientific research, that rights have be... Read more
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IN 1987 JENNIFER Graham's high school classmates dubbed her the "frog girl." People throughout the United States soon knew Graham, a fifteen-year-old tenth grader at Victor Valley High School in Calif... Read more
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“Experiments are performed on animals that inflict severe pain without the remotest prospect of significant benefits for humans or any other animals.” —Peter Singer “Virtua... Read more
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Working for the periodical Animal's Agenda, Rick Bogle discovered disturbing aspects of research projects on nonhuman primates (henceforth referred to as primates). He found one researcher who was "... Read more
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For the past three decades, there has been widespread debate over the use of animals in medical science and product testing. Heartrending images of caged monkeys awaiting vivisection in government lab... Read more