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The two main forms of art in Ancient Rome was painting and sculpting. There were many great painters and sculpters in Ancient roman times Florence, Museo Archeologico was one of the most famous sculp... Read more
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Many people think that America is the world's longest-running self-ruled empire, but that is not so. The Roman Empire survived for approximately 1,163 years; by contrast the United States gained its ... Read more
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The greedily controlling political agenda of today's world would not shock the aristocratic Senate of Rome if they were to stroll onto the floor of the Congressional or Senate House in Washington D. C... Read more
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Rome is such a great place; it has beautiful architecture and art. It also has a very interesting history. What was ancient Rome like? How did people live? What was their education like? What kind of ... Read more
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The emperor, Liu Bang, who took the title of Gao Zu created powerful fundamentals for the Han civilization, which lasted from 206 B.C. to A.D. 220. The Roman civilization, on the other hand, began in ... Read more
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In early Roman Republic the land was divided, aristocratically, if you will, into two separate groups, the Plebeians and the Patricians. The Plebeians were mainly workmen who lived in 4 story b... Read more
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The Roman Republican and Greek Democracy had many different ups and downs, positives and negatives that made each so different. Both civilizations had great influences on the governments of the moder... Read more
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People in today's society may assume that ancient Rome was just about the famous buildings and that the only violence was from that of the gladiatorial games, but this is far from the truth. In fact... Read more
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Ancient Rome and Early Christianity Topic: Explain the causes of the downfall of the Roman Republic and the Empire. Rome, a new city, built on the seven rolling hills at a curve on the Tiber River,... Read more