An Infestation of Unicorns Summary
Jane Yolen

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An Infestation of Unicorns Summary

Sometimes a story may be enjoyed just for the sheer beauty of its construction and for the melody of its language. "An Infestation of Unicorns" may be enjoyed in this fashion, just for the roundedness of its plot and for the joy of such phrases as these about the color of the abbey's apples: "Not the gold of the sun or the gold of a coin, but rather a color that would put mustard to shame and make wheat weep, if such were possible"; "And there Sandy stood, back against a tree so laden with yellow apples they draped the hero like a golden robe."

This elegance of phrasing and acuteness of description makes "An Infestation of Unicorns" a pleasurable read. It has the added advantage of sharp characterization, a seemingly insolvable conundrum that is solved in a clever way, and lighthearted humor. In addition, its unicorns are...

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