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An Astrologer's Day Summary
R. K. Narayan

Everything you need to understand or teach An Astrologer's Day by R. K. Narayan.

  • An Astrologer's Day Summary & Study Guide

An Astrologer's Day Summary

Plot Summary

"An Astrologer's Day" has a deceptively simple plot, although the full significance of the story becomes evident only after a second or even third reading. Part of the difficulty arises from the fact that the author deliberately avoids markers that would benefit the reader: there is no clear indication where the story occurs or when it does, although it is possible to make an educated guess about both. The story begins almost in medias res (in the middle) and concludes on what appears to be an ambiguous note. But, in fact, the story is a tightly knit one in which all parts fit together.


The story begins with a description of the astrologer, who is the central character in the story. In minute detail, his appearance, his clothes, and all the materials he uses to ply his trade are described. The astrologer, who is not given a...

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