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An American Childhood Summary
Annie Dillard

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An American Childhood Summary

Plot Summary

Anne Dillard, now a middle-aged woman, recalls her childhood, from the time she was five all the way through high school. Over these years, she provides her own childhood as a model for happiness in adulthood. Adult needs not leave behind the spirit that causes children to stand in perpetual awe of the world; rather, to be truly happy, one must resist the world's attempt to stamp that spirit out.

The account begins with what are probably Anne's youngest memories. She is a five year old who is just starting to be conscious of herself and the world around her. She compares the differences between herself and her parents, how their skin is loose and saggy, while her own is beautiful and taut. She loves her parents but is especially enthralled by her mother. Her mother is a vibrant, brilliant woman who, by the conventions of the 1950s...

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