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Among the Enemy Summary
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Everything you need to understand or teach Among the Enemy by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

  • Among the Enemy Summary & Study Guide

Among the Enemy Summary

Plot Summary

Matthias, Percy, and Alia are three friends living at the Neidler School. The country has experienced a severe shortage of food and all families are banned from having more than two children. Third children are illegal and, if captured by the Population Police, are killed. Matthias, Percy, and Alia are all third children living with fake identity papers. They are roused out of their beds one night by the Population Police. They are told there is a new ruler in the country and that they are going to be given an opportunity to work for their country. They are not given a choice but are loaded onto trucks and overhear one of the guards say "the little ones" won't last long in the labor camps. The three friends manage to get on the same truck where they are all strapped in. Matthias manages to break his own strap...

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