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Among the Brave Summary
Margaret Peterson Haddix

Everything you need to understand or teach Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

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Among the Brave Summary

Plot Summary

Trey is the third child of a family. Since families in the story are limited to only two children, third children are illegal and are immediately captured, jailed, or killed by the Population Police, a group organized to enforce the "third child law." Trey lived with his parents until his father's death. He was taught by his father and excels academically. However, when his father died, his mother dropped him off at a school, saying it wasn't safe for them to be together. Trey struggles with abandonment issues and can't decide if he's angrier at his mother, his father, or himself.

As the story opens, Trey is trying to make contact with a man that he and some other children believe will help him, Mr. Talbot. But before Trey can gain entrance into the house, the Population Police arrive and he narrowly escapes capture. Trey's friends escape and...

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