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What is an American? An American cannot be defined by how wealthy he is or the car he drives. He is a person who comes from all parts of the world and speaks many languages; an American does not have ... Read more
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For hundreds of years the United States has been attracting immigrants from a variety of different countries, races, and religions to come live in a land full of freedom and opportunity. These people ... Read more
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Lately, there has been a lot of controversy over Iraq and the issue of "forcing our government" upon their country. Considering this, I believe that it is necessary to remember exactly who we a... Read more
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People in the United States differ greatly in beliefs, physical appearances, and heritage; yet we all call ourselves Americans. We feel prouder than ever to say "I am American," raising American flags... Read more
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To be an American to me means that we are free and are so fortunate to even have many of things that we actually have. We are fortunate to have a government where they look out for every one of us, ... Read more