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Altruism Altruism, defined as an action that benefits the receiver but comes at some cost to the performer, is one of the four types of social interactions that can occur between animals of the same s... Read more
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Altruism Altruism is the behavior of an individual that benefits others, it can in a number of circumstances be detrimental to the individual but of benefit to the group as a whole. There are many exa... Read more
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Altruism Altruism refers to behavior that benefits other animals of the same species. Living in the company of other animals presents numerous drawbacks, such as increased competition for food, nest s... Read more
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Altruism Three terms are commonly used in the broad research area that investigates positive interpersonal action: prosocial behavior, helping behavior, and altruism. "Prosocial behavior&#x0022... Read more
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Altruism Altruism often is defined as an action intended to benefit another person even when that action could lead to sacrifices to the welfare of the actor. Altruism thus presents an issue for ethic... Read more
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Altruism While benevolence, compassion, and humanity were not major virtues for the ancient philosophers, modern moral philosophers generally agree that altruism is important to morality, although the... Read more
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Egoism and Altruism Why do we sometimes prefer to consult the interests of others rather than our own interests? What is the relationship between selfishness and benevolence? Is altruism merely a mask... Read more