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Essays & Analysis (8)

7,210 words, approx. 25 pages
In the following essay, first published as a review of Curnow's A Small Room with Large Windows in Landfill 65 (March 1963), the author suggests that Curnow's poems are preoccupied with ... Read more
2,739 words, approx. 10 pages
In the following essay, Wallace-Crabbe provides an overview of Curnow's development as a poet—and of the author as a reader—noting the poetry's “excited intelligence... Read more
5,828 words, approx. 20 pages
In the following essay, James evaluates the tension between skepticism and hope in the spiritual themes of Curnow's An Incorrigible Music and You Will Know When You Get There. I … the qu... Read more
8,466 words, approx. 29 pages
In the following essay, Murray notes that in the 1930s Curnow was primarily interested in definition, and the author explores Curnow's position as a “founding father” of a nationa... Read more
7,817 words, approx. 27 pages
In the following essay, Armstrong analyzes Continuum: New and Later Poems, 1972-1988, and considers how in Curnow's later poems, “the ordinary poses an extraordinary threat, the familiar... Read more
11,746 words, approx. 40 pages
In the following essay, Robinson draws mostly on poems from Curnow's Trees, Effigies, Moving Objects, examining the specificity of place and moment in Curnow's poetry. 1 ‘I'... Read more
6,903 words, approx. 24 pages
In the following essay, Faherty explores Ezra Pound's influence on Curnow, focusing on philosophical and poetic affinities between Pound's The Pisan Cantos and Curnow's “Do... Read more
3,064 words, approx. 11 pages
In the following excerpt, James reflects on the relationship between landscape and spirituality in Curnow's poem “Dialogue With Four Rocks.” Introduction ‘Landscape’... Read more