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Alice, I Think (novel) Summary
Susan Juby

Everything you need to understand or teach Alice, I Think (novel) by Susan Juby.

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Alice, I Think Summary

Plot Summary

Alice, I think is a novel written by Susan Juby. The story is recounted through the journal entries of Alice, the main character. Alice was raised by parents who are hippies and all about expressing their feelings. When Alice reads the book The Hobbit, she decides that she is a hobbit. Her parents support her. Alice goes to school dressed like a hobbit and that is the day that she realizes that she is not like everyone else. Alice finds out that there are consequences to being weird.

Alice quickly became the victim of bulling and her parents immediately took her out of school. Being home-schooled only adds to Alice's weirdness. Her parents make her go to therapy in an attempt to help her social skills. Alice's therapist ends up having a mental breakdown and is taken away. Alice blames herself for her therapist losing it and when...

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