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Algebra is the branch of mathematics that uses letters to represent numbers and quantities in equations and formulas.

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Algebra Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses variables to solve equations. When solving an algebraic problem, at least one variable will be unknown. Using the numbers and expressions that are ... Read more
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Algebra Tiles Algebra tiles are used to model integers and variables to aid in learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of positive and negative values. Algebra tiles are especiall... Read more
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Advances in Algebra Overview A number of important algebraic results had been calculated by Babylonian mathematicians around 2000 B.C. The Egyptians also addressed the solution of algebraic problems, ... Read more
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Development of Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Concepts Overview During the nineteenth century several attempts were made to generalize the algebra of complex numbers, which provided an adequate descript... Read more
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Algebra Algebra is often referred to as a generalization of arithmetic. As such, it is a collection of rules: rules for translating words into the symbolic notation of mathematics, rules for formulati... Read more
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Algebra It is generally believed that algebra originated from the early arithmetic used in Babylonia around 1800-1600 b.c. Clay tablets bearing mathematical and algebraic tables show that the Babyloni... Read more
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