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Alchemy This entry consists of the following articles: An Overview Chinese Alchemy Indian Alchemy Hellenistic and Medieval Alchemy Islamic Alchemy Renaissance Alchemy Read more
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The Development of Medical Botany and Pharmacology During the Middle Ages Overview Once early humans developed the ability to reason, they began to experiment with various plants and herbs. Through th... Read more
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Alchemists Seek Gold and Everlasting Life Overview Alchemy was the precursor to the science of chemistry; it incorporated many elements of magic and religion. Originating in the Middle East, it first ... Read more
1,781 words, approx. 6 pages
From Alchemy to Chemistry Overview At the beginning of the seventeenth century, chemistry remained in its infancy. Scientists still had not agreed upon language to describe chemicals and had no ways o... Read more
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Alchemy Alchemy is a precursor of modern chemistry. It represented the first systematic attempts of people to try to understand the workings of the universe without recourse to religion. There were tw... Read more
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Alchemy Alchemists employed both physical procedures and magic to convert base metals, such as lead, into gold, and to create elixirs of eternal life. While alchemy is commonly defined as a field of k... Read more
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Alchemy In a general sense, alchemy is perceived as the transformation of a common substance to something rare and valuable. Medieval alchemists are often portrayed as little more than quacks attempti... Read more
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