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After Ever After Summary
Jordan Sonnenblick

Everything you need to understand or teach After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick.

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After Ever After Summary

Plot Summary

When Jeffery Alper is in fourth grade, he is struggling with some basic issues related to the fact that he is a cancer survivor. An important part of those issues is that every kid in his class has been to a fundraiser or some event held in Jeffery's honor during the height of his illness. One day, when class is going on as usual, a new boy arrives. He has no hair and a large scar on his head. He walks with a pronounced limp. The teacher instructs the new boy, Thaddeus Isben, to take a seat next to Jeffery. Jeffery notes that's the day he met his best friend.

Four years later, Jeffery and Tad are inseparable. They have faced some of the same challenges over the years and Tad is all but confined to a wheelchair. While Tad deals with more significant physical effects from his...

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