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Affinity Summary
Sarah Waters

Everything you need to understand or teach Affinity by Sarah Waters.

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Affinity Summary

Plot Summary

Affinity is the second novel by English writer, Sarah Waters. In this novel, Margaret Prior begins visiting the female prisoners at Millbank prison in an attempt to help her overcome the depression that led to a suicide attempt the year before. As Miss Prior makes her visits, she becomes aware of a beautiful, young mystic. At first Miss Prior is fascinated by this woman's reported abilities, but it is the woman's apparent innocence that makes Miss Prior visit this mystic over and over again. In time Miss Prior comes to believe this woman is her soul mate, her affinity, leading her to agree to a plan that could lead to disaster for both women. Affinity is a gothic style mystery that will leave readers guessing even after the novel is done.

Miss Prior is put off by the prison at first, shocked at the way in which the...

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