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The Complete Fables Summary

Everything you need to understand or teach Aesop's Fables by Aesop.

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The Complete Fables Summary

Plot Summary

The name Aesop calls many images to mind. The mind's eye immediately sees a tortoise beating a hare in a race or a little boy who cries wolf to the vexation of his fellow villagers. This collection of fables asks the reader to put those children's stories from his or her mind. Morals, such as "haste makes waste" and "don't cry over spilled milk," do not exist in this world of Aesop. This collection is an academic look at the folklore creations credited to Aesop. Far from child-like moral lessons one would expect, these fables are mainly jokes and one-liners. The fables range from crude to witty to vulgar to wise.

The translators of these tales want the readers to know that the morals are not an original part of the fables. Orators trying to convince their audience of their point added morals later. This book is a...

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The Complete Fables Study Guide

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