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Adrenal Glands and Hormones The adrenal glands are a pair of endocrine glands that sit atop the kidneys and that release their hormones directly into the bloodstream. The adrenals are flattened, somew... Read more
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Adrenal Medullae The adrenal glands are paired structures that lie on top of each kidney. This places them in a retroperitoneal position in the body. Just like the kidneys, the adrenal glands lie outs... Read more
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Adrenal Glands The adrenal glands are a pair of glands which are located on or very near the kidneys in most vertebrates. In humans, an adrenal gland perches on top of each kidney, like a cap. The adr... Read more
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Adrenal Disorders The adrenal glands are a pair of small organs located just above the kidney. These glands contain two types of tissue. The adrenal cortex produces hormones that affect water balance ... Read more