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Addiction Addiction in its broadest sense can be defined as the habituation to a practice considered harmful. A more narrow definition of the term refers to chronic use of a chemical substance in spit... Read more
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Addiction (formerly the British Journal of Addictions) is the oldest specialist journal in its field, originating in 1884 as the Proceedings for the Society for the Study and Cure of Inebriety. The bo... Read more
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Addiction: Concepts and Definitions This article deals with a number of concepts related to the basic nature of addiction, that are widely used but often misused, and that have undergone significant c... Read more
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American Society of Addiction Medicine (Asam) The American Society of Addiction Medicine (4601 North Park Avenue, Arcade Suite 101, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 301-656-3920; is a not-f... Read more
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Addiction: Concepts and Definitions Understanding the nature of addiction depends on understanding several related concepts. The following discussion explains and clarifies those concepts. Abuse and M... Read more
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Alcohol: Psychological Consequences of Chronic Abuse Chronic alcohol abuse—heavy drinking over a long period—can seriously damage a person's well-being, not only physically but me... Read more
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Addiction Definition Addiction is a dependence on a substance, such as the drug heroin, or a type of behavior, such as gambling. The dependence is so strong that it may seem as if the person is unable... Read more
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Addiction Addiction is a dependence, on a behavior or substance, that a person is powerless to stop. The term has been partially replaced by the word dependence for substance abuse. Addiction has been... Read more
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“Scientific research into addiction ... has led experts to conclude that addiction is actually a disease, a chronic illness like diabetes or hypertension.” —Janet Firshein, indepen... Read more
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“Absent a clear definition of addiction, researchers will continue finding it very difficult to determine addiction prevalence rates, etiology, or the necessary and sufficient causes that stimul... Read more