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Across the Universe Summary
Beth Revis

Everything you need to understand or teach Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

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Across the Universe Summary

Plot Summary

Across the Universe by Beth Revis begins with 17 year old Amy Martin and her parents, Maria and Robert, in a cryo lab, deciding who will be frozen first.

Maria, a geneticist, ends up going first so Amy will not be afraid. The process is explained, from inserting an IV to sealing the eyes, inserting tubes into the stomach, and eventually, filling the clear box with a strange blue liquid. Lastly, the box is flash frozen and then put into a drawer, similar to a morgue.

Before Robert goes into the box to start his process, he tells Amy that she will go last. If she chooses, she can stay behind and live with her aunt and uncle. He will not hold his daughter to her promise.

Amy is traumatized by watching her parents go through the process. As top scientists, it is vital that they agreed to be...

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