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Abel's Island Summary
William Steig

Everything you need to understand or teach Abel's Island by William Steig.

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Abel's Island Summary

Plot Summary

Abel's Island by William Steig centers on Abel, a rich mouse and newlywed. For the love of his wife, he chases her scarf in a hurricane. A flood sweeps him away to an island where he lives for a year.

It is August 1907. Two mice named Abel and Amanda are newlyweds. They picnic in the woods, dining on champagne and caviar; however, heavy rains descend. Abel and Amanda find shelter in a cave with other animals who also avoid the rain. The weather worsens, turning into a hurricane. As they watch the storm from the opening of the cave, Amanda's gauze shawl comes off her and flies away. Abel runs after the shawl, only to be swept away by a great flood. He descends down a waterfall and fights the river's rapids, taking hold of a rusty nail on a piece of fragmented wood.

He sleeps through the...

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