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Abacus The abacus, an ancient calculating device, probably originated in Babylon around 2400 B. C. E. as a "counting box." It was the world's first calculator, and contemporary ve... Read more
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Abacus The abacus is the most ancient calculating device known. It has endured over time and is still in use in some countries. An abacus consists of a wooden frame, rods, and beads. Each rod represen... Read more
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Early Counting and Computing Tools Overview Early civilizations developed a variety of ways of representing and manipulating numerical quantities in addition to the use of written symbols. Systems bas... Read more
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Abacus The abacus is a mechanical aid used to perform arithmetic calculations (sometimes called bead arithmetic). It is believed that the counting board, ancestor of the abacus, first appeared around ... Read more
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Abacus Although the exact time of its discovery is not truly known, the abacus is believed to have originated in the Middle East (in the region of modern-day Iraq) around 3000 B.C. Later, the abacus w... Read more
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Abacus The abacus is an ancient calculating machine. This simple apparatus is about 5,000 years old and is thought to have originated in Babylon. As the concepts of zero and Arabic number notation bec... Read more
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