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A Place in the Sun Summary
George Stevens

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A Place in the Sun Summary

Summary and Analysis

As the film opens, we see a man, George, trying to hitch a ride along a busy highway. A beautiful girl in a sports car passes him and waves. Finally he gets a ride in a truck that drops him off at the Eastman factories. George asks to see Mr. Charles Eastman, and the guard gives him directions. He hands the guard a card with a note from Mr. Eastman, "George: Give this to the man at the gate. C.E." The guard sends George to the main office.

In the main office, the secretary tries to blow off George, but she finally calls Mr. Eastman at his home. They talk on the phone and Mr. Eastman tells George, who is his nephew, to stop by the house later that evening. Charles describes George to his family as motivated, but...

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A Place in the Sun Film Summary

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