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Gillian Cross

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A Map of Nowhere Summary

A Map of Nowhere presents an honest, provocative look at questions of growing up in today's difficult world, choosing friends, and distinguishing right from wrong. Cross treats these questions in a suspenseful story that involves a fascinating pastime. Her major character, Nick Miller, has a passion for fantasy games that involve role-playing with orcs, dragons, quests, and maps of dungeons. Nick is a believable character with typical longings for exciting adventures and for a friend who shares his game-playing interest. At the root of the story is the absorbing problem that Nick cannot seem to have an adventure and a friend as well. In order to explore Nick's situation, Cross blends the workings of a fantasy game with a morally challenging real-life adventure.

A new friend named Joseph Fisher brings Nick the opportunity to play a fantasy game. At the same time, Nick is coaxed by his older...

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