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Tom Wolfe

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A Man in Full Summary

Wolfe's view of American life at the end of the century is that it is materialistic and obsessed with the status that material wealth conveys. Much of the absurdity—the sad and hilarious ways in which Americans think, speak, and act—is tied to this theme.

Wolfe documents the ways in which people dress, dine, and decorate to verify their status. Their dilemmas and decisions turn on status. Charlie Croker knows he will not starve to death if he loses his fortune, he just does not want to lose his status as an important rich developer even if he has to make some very uncomfortable compromises.

Elizabeth Armholster wants to protect her status as social deb and lies to her father and the world about her sexual encounter with Fareek. Roger Too White wants white people to think well of him, but he also, as it...

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