A Graveyard for Lunatics Summary
Ray Bradbury

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A Graveyard for Lunatics Summary

Death is pervasive in A Graveyard for Lunatics. Maximus Films is located "across the way" from Green Glades cemetery. The novel opens with: "Once upon a time there were two cities within a city. One was light and one was dark." The light city is the motion picture studio, the dark one the cemetery. As the novel begins, the studio is becoming like the cemetery: It is dying.

Buried in Green Glades are many former members of the motion picture industry. The cemetery had begun as a real estate scam, with the studio profiting from burying its people there. The most illustrious of the cemetery's dead is James Charles Arbuthnot, former head of Maximus Films, and the man who made the studio successful. He died in an auto accident on Halloween in 1934. The plot of A Graveyard for Lunatics accelerates when its narrator, a new screenplay writer for...

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