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A Feast for Crows Summary
George R. R. Martin

Everything you need to understand or teach A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin.

  • A Feast for Crows Summary & Study Guide

A Feast for Crows Summary

Plot Summary

A great war has left the Seven Kingdoms mostly in ruin and in a power vacuum. The last of a great line of kings has been killed and the succession is weak at best. Young King Tommen sits the Iron Throne now, but he is only a child. His mother rules as queen regent, but her lack of leadership skills and her own lust for personal power leaves her son's hold on the throne tenuous at best.

The Iron Born, a rough people who live on the sea, have a new king of their own. The iron men have been launching small raids on the mainland for generations, but with the promise of blood and conquest, their new king, Euron the Crow's Eye, has little trouble convincing his people that the Seven Kingdoms are ripe for the taking.

The brother of one of the late kings, and self-appointed...

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