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A Case of Need Summary
Michael Crichton

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A Case of Need Summary

Plot Summary

John Berry is in the pathology lab when Frank Conway enters, throwing a tantrum over having lost a patient on the operating table. John accepts the theatrics as typical and is soon called to the telephone where his wife, Judith, says that their friend and John's co-worker, Art Lee, has been arrested. Art performs abortions and John, along with his superior in the pathology lab, Dr. Sanderson, helps cover up the results. John goes to the police station, presents himself as an attorney and gains admittance to Art's cell. Art says that he's been accused of having performed an abortion on a young girl, Karen Randall, who is the daughter of an influential medical family. Karen died as the result of a mistake during the procedure. Because abortion is illegal, Art is being charged with murder - having caused the death of another while committing a felony. Art...

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