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300 Summary
Frank Miller (comics)

Everything you need to understand or teach 300 by Frank Miller (comics).

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300 Summary

Plot Summary

Leonidas, king of Sparta, leads a small force of three hundred men—his personal bodyguard—to a place known as the Hot Gates to meet a numberless horde of hostile Persians in combat. Prevented by oracular pronouncement from taking the entire Spartan army, Leonidas is fully aware that the mission is suicidal. Joined by about 6,700 other warriors from various Greek cities, Leonidas and his three hundred hold off several assaults by the Persians until eventually they are betrayed.

As a young boy of perhaps ten years, Leonidas, like all Spartan boys, had been driven into the wilderness, alone and unarmed, to test his strength and cunning. Tracked by a huge wolf, Leonidas crafted a flimsy spear and lured the wolf into a narrow fissure in a cliff. The wolf pursued Leonidas until its movement was severely restricted whereupon the boy killed the wolf, returning victorious to...

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