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22 Britannia Road Summary
Amanda Hodgkinson

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22 Britannia Road Summary

Plot Summary

This book tells the story of the Nowak family before, during, and after World War II. They are Polish natives who flee their homeland and create a life in England but not without suffering a great deal of trauma during and after the war.

"22 Britannia Road" begins as Silvana Nowak and her son Aurek are on a boat headed for Britain to meet her husband, Aurek's father, for the first time in six years. They were separated during World War II. It is quite obvious from this first chapter that Silvana has suffered from wartime trauma. The book jumps between the present day, post-war, and previous experiences in Poland and in France. As information is revealed about the past, the reason behind the actions of the characters in the present become apparent.

The chapters spent in Poland tell of Silvana and Janusz's lives before World War II from...

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